Resilience Art Trail

About the project

The Resilience Art Trail is a series of artworks created by students from the nine local schools implementing The Resilience Project curriculum. The designs were developed through workshops facilitated by local artist, Alyshia McInnes, and represent what each school community it grateful for.

This project seeks to connect the wider Ararat community through a medium that has the ability to engage people all ages, genders and backgrounds – art. The completed panels have been installed in the grounds of each school to create a collaborative art trail through Ararat Rural City, taking in Maroona, Willaura, Buangor, Moyston and Pomonal. 

Ultimately, The Resilience Arts Trail will serve as visual reminder for the whole community about the importance of gratitude and positive mental health. It will also create a lasting legacy of the Resilient Ararat project and its key messages.

The Resilience Art Trail is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. Funding has also been provided through Engage! and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR).


Ararat Art Gallery exhibition

Replicas on the Resilience Art Trail panels will be on display at Ararat Gallery TAMA between 30 September and 22 November, 2022. Members of the public are invited to visit the gallery to learn more about the project and view each school’s visual representation of the things they have to be grateful for. If you visit the exhibition, please be sure to make a contribution to our gratitude wall!

Painting the Town with Gratitude campaign

The Resilience Art Trail Exhibition is part of our Painting the Town with Gratitude campaign which aims to promote positive mental health through the practice of gratitude. To support the campaign, we will be distributing special greeting cards to schools and other locations within the community. The cards encourage you to let a friend, colleague, teacher or loved one know all the reasons you appreciate them.



About the artist

Alyshia McInnes is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Ararat Rural City. Alyshia has worked as a designer, illustrator and creative assistant, and has been involved in a number of creative projects in her extended local community. She runs her multifaceted creative business, @alyshiamcinnesart, mostly from her home on the farm with her husband and two very loved dogs.

Alyshia holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Master of Art Therapy and has a passion for using her creativity as a tool to enhance wellbeing. 


The artworks:

Ararat College: ‘Creativity’

Diversity and inclusion form the basis of Ararat College’s unique artwork which was created by their Year 10 Studio Art class. Bringing together different cultures and backgrounds, this piece incorporates elements of art, music and expression to celebrate creativity in different forms. Designed to capture what the school community is grateful for, ‘Creativity’ is a visual representation of the acceptance demonstrated to all students, regardless of their hobbies, interests or beliefs.

Ararat West Primary School: ‘Being Active’

‘Being Active’ highlights the link between physical activity and mental wellbeing. Students from Ararat West Primary School have created an artwork that incorporates the various sports and activities they are lucky enough to have access to within our local community. From dancing to soccer, this piece represents how having fun and moving your body can help to build friendships and brighten moods. Combining colour and movement, it is a celebration of the many ways sport brings people together.


Ararat 800 Primary School: ‘Circus’

The individuality of Ararat 800 Primary School is celebrated in this colourful and creative piece. Centred around their Bamboozle circus program, it aims to capture the unique activities and experiences students get to enjoy at school. Expression and imagination form the key themes of ‘Circus’ and reflect the fun and happy atmosphere students enjoy most about coming to school.

St Mary’s Primary School: ‘Faith’

The values of St Mary’s Primary School have been perfectly captured in this vibrant artwork. Using key words to illustrate what their school community is grateful for, students have created a piece that celebrates friendship and belonging.  ‘Faith’ symbolises students going through their schooling years arm in arm, feeling safe and accepted. It also represents the belief and positivity demonstrated by students and staff on a daily basis.


Maroona Primary School: ‘Nature’

Maroona Primary School’s artwork is a true representation of rural living. ‘Nature’ demonstrates the school community’s appreciation for the wide-open spaces around them. From the abundance of trees and fresh air to the wildlife and bodies of water, this piece is a tribute to the local landscape. ‘Nature’

Willaura Primary School: ‘Farm’

With many students hailing from farming families, Willaura Primary School designed a panel to honour life on the land. Featuring a mountainous landscape, farm machinery and animals, ‘Farm’ is a celebration of family and everything that is great about living and working on a country property. Whether its herding sheep or harvesting crops, Willaura students are grateful for the time they get to spend at home with their loved ones.

Moyston Primary School: ‘Open Space’

‘Open Space’ celebrates the school community’s gratitude for nature and spending time outdoors. With picturesque countryside and wildlife right on their doorstep, students chose to showcase the amazing sights they get to enjoy every day.  Featuring a special tribute to the town’s football and netball club, this piece has been designed to highlight the social connectedness and mateship that come with living in a rural community.

Pomonal Primary School: ‘Animals’

Being able to care for animals is something students at Pomonal Primary School feel extremely grateful for. ‘Animals’ celebrates the joy that comes with being out in nature surrounded by pets and native wildlife. This piece highlights the unwavering love, safety and comfort animals provide to humans and shows how caring for something can improve your mental wellbeing

Buangor Primary School: ‘Home’

There is no place like home for students at Buangor Primary School, who chose ‘Home’ as the theme for their gratitude artwork. This piece is a celebration of family life and highlights the importance young people place on comfort and belonging. Centred around a campfire, ‘Home’ represents family and pets coming together to create a place where students feel warm and safe.

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