Resilient Ararat will attempt to bring some much-needed joy to the community when it launches its latest campaign next week.

Random Acts of Kindness in the Rat will emphasise the importance of practicing empathy through kindness by encouraging Ararat residents to complete a random act of kindness for a friend or stranger during Mental Health Week (October 10-17).

To kick-start the campaign, Resilient Ararat has distributed several ‘kindness calling cards’ to local schools for students to start filtering out into the community.

Central Grampians LLEN Executive Officer, Jane Moriarty, said the cards featured instructions for creating a ‘pay it forward’ movement of kindness throughout the week.

“If you receive a calling card, we would love you to follow its instructions and complete a random act of kindness for somebody else. You will then need to pass the card on to them so they can continue to spread kindness throughout the community,” she said.

“We have also created a collection of greeting cards that prompt you to write a kind note to someone else. These cards highlight that being kind does not always involve a grand gesture or purchasing something for someone.”

Ms Moriarty said social media would play an important role in the Random Acts of Kindness in the Rat campaign by ensuring the community could share their kind acts with others.

“Much like our Bean Resilient coffee cup campaign last year, we want to bring some joy into the community, and give people something to smile about, in what has been a difficult time for many,” Ms Moriarty said.

“We know that empathy, compassion and kindness have numerous benefits for mental and physical health for both the giver and the receiver. To take this a step further, we are encouraging people to share their random acts of kindness on social media. You can do this by taking a photo of the random act of kindness you have received, or of you completing your act of kindness for someone else. Share the image to Instagram or Facebook, tag @resilientararat and use the hashtag #kindararat.”                                                          

“We can’t wait to see the different ways our community spreads kindness in our town.”

For more information on the Random Acts of Kindness in the Rat campaign, follow Resilient Ararat on Facebook and Instagram.

PHOTO: Central Grampians LLEN Partnerships and Pathways Coordinator, Nerissa Gee (back, right) deliverers kindness cards to Ararat West Primary School teacher Emily Hanns and students, Indra, Tucker, Archie and Oscar, ahead of Resilient Ararat’s Random Acts of Kindness in the Rat campaign which will run next week.